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Food Service

Full Tank began as a business in 2004 by catering to local Seattle elementary schools. We had a menu of healthy alternative lunches that were offered alongside the standard fare. What better way to reach kids than through the schools?

Those of you that enjoyed our Teriyaki Salmon and Spring Rolls will be happy to know that we're doing it again!

Our kids product line is a fantastic highly nutritious alternative to the standard kids menu items like hot dogs and grilled cheese. But they're also a sure thing: the kids will be just as happy eating our Secret AgentTM Mac & Cheese as the standard mac & cheese.

We package our products frozen in aluminum hotel pans. The pans can be placed directly in an oven or heated in a steam table.

We also offer cases of our baby food to food service establishments. Some restaurants in Seattle including Eats Market Cafe offer our baby food as a way to provide a unique experience to families with young children.

If you are a caterer, food service distributor, or restaurant in the Pacific Northwest, Contact Us and we will send you a program overview.

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