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Secret AgentTM entrees help get picky kids to eat their veggies!

Our patent-pending method for hiding vegetables in foods helps us turn nutritionally inferior kid favorites like macaroni and cheese into nutritionally supercharged 'superfoods' that you can feel good about feeding to your toddler, pre-schooler, or young child. Available in convenient heat-and-serve portions, our Secret AgentTM products are perfect for lunches or busy weeknights.

Secret AgentTM Shells and Sauce

Secret AgentTM Mac & Cheese

Tossed with organic pasta shells, our Secret AgentTM shells feature our Secret Agent red sauce, a secret blend of our homemade marinara sauce with vegetables and seasonings, to create a supercharged pasta sauce. Each portion has over 100% of Vitamin A and is an excellent source of Vitamin C, E, B, and protein.

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Instead of using sauce thickeners or high-fat bechamel base, we add a secret blend of cooked vegetables to our cheese sauce in order to achieve the desired color and texture. This method dramatically lowers both fat and calories compared to the traditional recipe while providing an excellent source of vitamins and minerals. This is the only macaroni and cheese on the market that is high in vitamins, minerals, and protein!

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