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About Us

The Company

A manufacturer of organic and fresh meals for kids and babies, Full Tank, Inc, offers a healthy and convenient solution for busy parents and kids on the run. Designed by a pediatrician, Full Tank are prepared with ingredients at the peak of freshness and flash frozen to lock in taste and nutrients.


Full Tank was founded by husband and wife team John and Whitney Anderson. John's background is in operations engineering and technology. He has worked for Amazon.com, Arthur Andersen, Microsoft, and several start-ups. Full Tank is the third company John has founded. He successfully built two other businesses, Schooltranscript.com and Autopilot Systems. Dr. Whitney Anderson is a board certified pediatrician. She still practices part-time near Seattle. The Andersons have two crazy boys named Mason and Mack. Both are adventurous eaters. Mason's favorite food is smoked salmon. Mack is destined to be chubby because he likes everything - especially cheese. John, Whitney, Mason, and Mack live in Seattle, WA.Click the thumbnails below for more family photos.


We founded a business called TotPots in April 2005. For a year we catered organic alternative lunches to kids at Seattle elementary schools. We also built a direct home delivery business that grew to over 400 customers in Puget Sound. We also sold our products on the weekends at Washington farmers markets.

In July of 2006 we launched a test market of our products at 3 Pacific Northwest grocery chains. While gathering data from the test market we helped refine our brand and mission, found a distributor, scaled up our production capacity to meet demand, improved our packaging, and hired our first employees. In early 2007 we re-branded TotPots as Full Tank so that we could more easily reach children of all ages. Since launching the new brand, we are rapidly expanding into other regions of the country. We have also re-launched our food service business, providing pre-packaged frozen foods to existing school caterers, hospital, and restaurants.


Full Tank products are fresh, organic, and convenient meals for kids and babies. We built our company on our kids & toddler line using our patent-pending Secret AgentTM method of hiding the flavors of vegetables in foods. In 2006 we added a line of frozen baby food featuring the best of Pacific Northwest ingredients. .

  • Secret AgentTM Entrees for Kids: our patent-pending method for hiding the flavor of vegetables in food makes it easy to get even the pickest toddlers to eat their veggies! We manufacture our Secret AgentTM entrees in food service portions for schools and day cares.
  • Baby FuelTM: high-octane, spoon-free frozen baby food for parents on the go.


Full Tank sources ingredients locally whenever possible. We do this for two reasons. First, we like to support our local community. Second, we find local organic products to be higher quality. We manufacture our product at a state of the art facility near Seattle where it is processed and flash frozen to lock in flavor, color, and texture. Full Tank can be found in the freezer section of your grocery store. Crown Pacific Fine Foods distributes Full Tank in the Pacific Northwest.

The Full Tank Difference

Full Tank's mission is to fuel an active, healthy lifestyle for young children. We are bringing kids food out of the past and into the future. To that end, we have developed a line of products that makes it easy for parents to offer the highest quality healthy products to their children without sacrificing convenience.

  • We are the only company that has successfully figured out how to hide the flavor of vegetables in food and is using this method to turn nutritionally inferior products like macaroni and cheese into nutritional superfoods. We make it very easy to get your kids to eat their vegetables.
  • We offer both frozen baby food and frozen food for toddlers, pre-schoolers, and young children.
  • We are the only company offering frozen baby food that doesn't require a spoon to eat and can fit easily in a purse, pocket, or diaper bag.
  • Our combinations are distinctive, opening the child's palate to new and interesting flavors. Where is it written that youngsters can't enjoy some fresh herbs in their food?
  • We provide our products to schools, hospitals, and day cares not just grocery stores.
  • We have nearly two years of development, testing, and refinement behind our recipes.
  • All of our meals are designed and reviewed by a pediatrician.
  • We donate a percentage of profits to two local charities, Child Haven and Northwest Harvest.
  • We add seasonal selections throughout the year.
  • We maintain a plot of farmland to grow our own produce. We use this produce to create limited edition selections. We call this the "Tot Plot"
  • We use only the freshest ingredients in our products. Other baby food manufacturers, including even frozen baby food manufacturers, use pre-processed ingredients.
  • We use local, seasonal products whenever possible. This allows us to offer a higher quality product at a lower cost to the consumer.
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