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Full Tank and Tom Douglas Collaborate to Develop New Products

Signature line of products for school children and babies to launch this year

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Get Picky Kids to Eat their Veggies!

Full Tank Secret AgentTMEntrees

Even though our boys gobbled down the veggies as infants, our older son Mason all of a sudden decided he didn't like anything orange or green at about 18 months. So we developed a slick, patent-pending method for hiding the flavor of vegetables in foods that he loves. We call this technique Secret AgentTM and use it to give kid favorites like macaroni and cheese a nutritional boost. But here's the kick: your child won't know the difference. Each of our Secret AgentTM entrees is an excellent source of both Vitamin A and C. You get all of this is a convenient heat-and-serve entree that is perfect for any busy family.

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Portable Purees for Busy Babies

Full Tank Baby FuelTM

We are the first to combine the quality & nutrition of premium frozen baby food in travel-ready squeeze tubes. Enjoy distinctive flavors like pear & quinoa or peach & lentil in squeezable pouches that fit easily into a purse or diaper bag. Just clip off the corner and squeeze directly into junior's mouth (older babies can even do this themselves!). These pouches defrost quickly in a hot water bath or at room temperature on the road.

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